Attention Craft Beer Fans – Yooper Ale Trails – All Roads Lead To Beer.

Bringing Upper Peninsula beer to the world with the Yooper Ale Trails book.

The cover of the book, Yooper Ale Trails for Craft breweries and brewpubs in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

The popularity of independent and craft breweries has been on the rise for several years now. They have been popping up across the Upper Peninsula almost faster than one can keep up with. From the populaton centers to some of the remotest places, nearly all roads lead to beer.

A couple of years ago, Jon Stott began a journey that would take him across the Upper Peninsula to document all of the brewpubs and breweries, tasting and documenting this rising and tasty industry.  The result was a book concept called the Yooper Ale Trails.

The idea was to create trails to breweries  and brewpubs that a beer lover could follow to hit each place within a specified area. Eventually all the brewpubs and breweries in the entire Peninsula would be not only documented, but thoroughly described as to brews and even menus from those that provide food. It became a book that is unique. 

Now it is my turn to take up the mantle of the Yooper Ale Trails. I will be exploring new brewpubs and breweries to keep things up to date. I will be revising past entries as the need arises. Each month we will be doing a “Featured” brewery or brewpub on the blog. This new feature will whet readers appetites for adventures down the Yooper Ale Trails.

The legacy of U.P. brewers from the past continues with this new era of hand-crafted beers. The journeys of the Yooper Ale Trails invokes that historical past all the while ushering it in to a new day. Yooper Ale Trails is a must have for any craft beer loving fans. 

Go here to pick up a copy: Yooper Ale Trails