Journeys Through Images

It is sunset at the Mackinac Bridge and I’m photographing the big bridge like everyone else and I look over and see this wonderful image of a companion photographer. It was perfect and I had to shoot it. I took it over and showed it to the photographer. They had no idea the image had even happened. It is always a matter of perspective. It was a beautiful evening in Mackinaw City, Michigan.

Journeys Through Images  is a gallery series of photography from over the years of my travel, mainly in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. It is founded on a concept that I started  few years ago when doing art gallery showings. Instead of just label captioning the images, you tell the story behind the moment the image portrays. Thus turning photography into more than just visual storytelling, it is accompanied by traditional as well. I feel this adds more depth for the viewer and to be honest, it brings back some great memories for me.