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Recipient of the Historical Society of Michigan’s, 2020 George Follo Lifetime Achievement Award for Upper Peninsula History

News From Mikel: 2/28/2021 – We’ve been working hard to get this site up and running replacing the old site. We are moving forward and there is a lot more to come. Our newest blog, “How Christmas, Michigan got its name,” has been bringing in new traffic and if you have never been on the site before, and enjoyed “Christmas,” check out the entries under the “Featured Articles” tab in the menu. If you enjoy the writing you can find my books under the “My Books” tab. As we move ahead, with this new website we will be presenting much more so stay tuned and welcome.

This space here is where to find information directly from me. I’m looking forward to an adventurous 2021. So, follow me on the road to wherever it leads. I can promise, most of them will be the road less traveled.

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How Christmas, Michigan Got Its Name

Christmas belongs to the Upper Peninsula. It’s all ours. Not the holiday.. the town… Christmas, Michigan. It’s been ours for eighty years and it always will be. Christmas (the town) is where Christmas (the holiday) is on display all year ’round and all the trappings of the season are never all taken down, because, in Christmas (the town), Christmas (the holiday), brings visitors there all year to investigate the place that is named for the most celebrated holiday in the world.

Footsteps of Dinosaurs – Prehistoric Trackways National Monument – Las Cruces – New Mexico

Just north of Las Cruces off of highway 185, is a place where dinosaurs walked. Well, actually most of New Mexico is where dinosaurs walked, but Prehistoric Trackways National Monument is one of the few places that the evidence of their existence can be plainly seen. Best of all, it costs nothing more than effort … Continue reading Footsteps of Dinosaurs – Prehistoric Trackways National Monument – Las Cruces – New Mexico

Chloride – Ghost Town – Sierra County – New Mexico

Those of you that know me, know I love a good ghost town. This is one of the best I’ve seen. In 1880, Silver was discovered in the north of the Black Range Mountains. The ore was discovered by a Brit by the name of Henry Pye. A few months after he filed his claim, … Continue reading Chloride – Ghost Town – Sierra County – New Mexico


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