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Recipient of the Historical Society of Michigan’s, 2020 George Follo Award for Upper Peninsula History

News From Mikel: 1/19/2023 – For those that enjoy the historical pictures on this site, I’ve completed a new book, “Faces, Places and Days Gone By, A Pictorial History of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Volume 1. It is in the hands of my publisher and should be available in a couple of months. It collects over 100 images from my historical pictures collection, many have been seen here. Like everything else from me it will be available here.

In the meantime, my newest book, True Tales – The Forgotten History of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, is now available. It is available on Amazon in hardcover, softcover, and ebook. The link is here: Buy True Tales on Amazon.

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Wreck of the Steamship Oregon in Lake Superior – Marquette, Michigan

Shipwrecks are always a fascinating subject but not all of them end up in terrible tragedy. Such is the case of the wreck of the Oregon which took place north of Marquette in Lake Superior. The Oregon was a steamer freighter, one of the earlier incarnations of the freighters we see today. On October 15,…

Vintage Motorcycle Photos from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

I don’t have many of these, unfortunately. It is a very rare thing when I come across early vintage pictures of motorcycles here in the Upper Peninsula. As a biker, I personally enjoy early pictures like these and consider them a treasure when I find them. I currently have two which are quite fun. I…


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