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Recipient of the Historical Society of Michigan’s, 2020 George Follo Award for Upper Peninsula History

News From Mikel: 1/19/2023 – For those that enjoy the historical pictures on this site, I’ve completed a new book, “Faces, Places and Days Gone By, A Pictorial History of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Volume 1. It is in the hands of my publisher and should be available in a couple of months. It collects over 100 images from my historical pictures collection, many have been seen here. Like everything else from me it will be available here.

In the meantime, my newest book, True Tales – The Forgotten History of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, is now available. It is available on Amazon in hardcover, softcover, and ebook. The link is here: Buy True Tales on Amazon.

Latest Posts

Rudyard Kipling Leaves His Mark on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Across its history, the Upper Peninsula has had many famous and distinguished visitors to the region. Like today, the U.P. has always been an attraction to visitors and tourists. From Mackinac Island to Pictured Rocks. From Copper Country to the resorts of Delta County, visitors have come to view the wonders for nearly 200 years.…

A Historical Trip to Mackinac Island – 1893

I recently came across a group of pictures from a trip to Mackinac Island in 1893. They were very nicely dated and location labeled. That is where it stopped. No one in these pictures are named unfortunately. Like we still do today, taking a boat across the Straits to get to Mackinac Island is a…


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