Alexandria Code – New Novel – Mikel B Classen

The image for the book by Mikel B. Classen called the Alexandria Code, an Isabella Carter Mystery.

The cover art for the novel the Alexandria Code, an Isabella Carter Mystery, by Mikel B. Classen, now available.

The Alexandria Code – What is it?

Like a message in a bottle, imagine messages in stone. Take it a little further and picture computer code in stone and the stone is crystal, ordinary quartz, taken from an underwater archaeological dig in Alexandria, Egypt. What would the messages be? What secrets might they hold?

This is the dilemma of the Alexandria Code, a new novel from Mikel B. Classen. Beginning on the notorious waterfront of Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, Isabella Carter, archaeology professor at University of Michigan, is given an ordinary looking quartz crystal by an old enemy to research. This begins an adventure that is non-stop thrills and excitement.

Starting in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, the story travels to New York, Bimini, Egypt, Central America, Florida and back with danger lurking at every corner. Isabella Carter, Aiden McKenzie, and a group of students team-up to take down tomb robbers and black market antiquities dealers who would do anything to obtain the secrets held within the crystals.

The back cover image to the Alexandria Code by Mikel B. Classen

Back cover of the novel the Alexandria Code, an Isabella Carter Mystery by Mikel B. Classen

Review of the Alexandria Code:

“Isabella Carter is a woman with a mission, she’s equally at home with an automatic pistol as she is at an archeological dig and her resolve will be tested at every turn. Move over Indiana Jones, there’s a new scientist/action-hero who is uncovering and solving mysteries of the ancient world. Through it all, she’s also discovering her shamanic story that began in the jungles of South America.” —Victor R. Volkman, Superior Reads

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The publisher of the Alexandria Code – Modern History Press, Ann Arbor, Michigan.