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Recipient of the Historical Society of Michigan’s, 2020 George Follo Lifetime Achievement Award for Upper Peninsula History

News From Mikel: 3/26/2021 –  A Spring is finally here and the snow is leaving quickly. Couldn’t happen any sooner for me. Anyway, I’ve been spending lots of time uploading new things to this site. There is a new article under “Feature articles” that takes the reader back to the first days of Marquette, the Upper Peninsula’s largest city.  It is told through the voice of one of Marquette’s original founders, “Peter White.” It is filled with the dangers of survival on the Lake Superior frontier, that is riviting told by one that was a part of it. I doesn’t get any better. Also there are new blogs with historical pictures and some with adventures of today.  If you like the photography, there are galleries I’ve been working on and more are coming! Stay tuned and keep checking in.

Latest Posts

Historical Photos – Camping out in the U.P. 1880s style

Camping the hard way – 1880’s Historical Photos from Mikel B. Classen Collection Going camping back in the late 1800s was a lot different than it is today. There was no Coleman Company, no L.L. Bean, no ergonomic backpacks. And hiking shoes, not a chance. The equipment was heavy and bulky while the wilderness was … Continue reading Historical Photos – Camping out in the U.P. 1880s style

Fire on the Trail

Stopping a forest fire before it happens. I want to write about something I saw yesterday while driving through the woods near Trout Lake, here in the U.P. I was driving a backroad, surprise, surprise, looking for an old ghost town called Wilwin (more on that here). As I was driving the old two-track road, … Continue reading Fire on the Trail

Historical Photos – U.P. Fishing

Historical Fishing Pictures from the Upper Peninsula’s Past Pictures from the Mikel Classen Historical Pictures Collection Fishing has always been a part of basic human survival. Plain and simple, fish are great to eat. Around the world people use fish as a major source of their diet, but, the squirmy things are an awful lot … Continue reading Historical Photos – U.P. Fishing


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